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Add Your Listing - Culture Vulture

This page is for adding a group, or an annual festival or a regular open mic session.

Other events (plus these) should be added at Eventfinder so they will appear on this site and many others.

To have your group, band or organisation listed on this site, please submit your information below. We will then review and add it if appropriate. Listings are free!

To add your listing, you need to agree to go on our "opt in" mailing list so that we can periodically email you about your listing or the site. We will not pass your email address on to anyone else. You can request to have your listing removed at any time in order to also be removed from the mailing list.

Please contact us if you have any questions or comments.You can also contact Ron by phone on 07 866 3929. If the form doesn't work for some reason, please email ron(at)culturevulture(dot)co(dot)nz

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It is also so we can contact you regarding your listing - listings will not be added if this email address does not work)

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